Bear Hilariously Scratches An Itch Up In A Tree

bear in tree

The bears are back at it again.

They always seem to be up to something. Typically, there actions are centered around getting food, but anything else they do is highly intelligent and sometimes wildly hilarious.

They are a simple, yet incredibly intelligent creature. They need to get as much food as they can using as little energy as possible. This makes them very smart and creative. They can break into garages, garbage cans, and cars. They can also get stuck in them too…

Black bears are very able creatures. They can jump far, climb well and it’s almost surprising they don’t have a useable thumb the way they are open to open things up easily.

Watching them do anything is downright impressive.

This black bear proved that yet again.

He climbed up into a tree with people nearby. Probably originally a safety thing to get away form people and feel safe.

But, while up in the tree the bear developed an itch.

No problem.

As the bear stood in the crook up the tree it pushes its butt against one side and balances on the other shaking it back and forth.

A good old bum scratch high up in a tree.

You can’t help but laugh.

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A beer bottle on a dock