Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Jimmy, Ryan, Colby Discuss The Cowboy Sh*t They’ve Learned In Season 5


This past Sunday, episode five of Yellowstone season five aired, and Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards are back at it once again to weigh in on all of the eventful moments in the episode with another edition of “Stories from the Bunkhouse.”

The crew kicks things off by discussing the new “cowboy shit” the ranch hands do in season five.

Bohen (Ryan) shares:

“There’s a couple new things I’ve learned. Always starts with roping, I’ve known how to rope, as you have, for a long time. Heading, which is around the horns of the steer that you’re trying to collect. But then this year’s about heeling, which is the two back feet.

And then the second is after you catch those heels, is the branding. The heeler grabs the bottom feet, dallies, pulls the steer towards the furnace. Two guys go in and they flip the cow on its side. One sort of controls the head area so it can’t move.

And then the other controls the hind section, and then you can doctor it, you can tag it, deworm it, and then put the brand on it.

One day, we had finished this long day of work at the bunkhouse and we were tired, and Jason Rodriguez says, ‘Hey guys, come here. We’ve got a little rehearsal for ya.

So we go in for an hour, we learn how to mug, which is what I just described, and they’re like, now go do it. They call it rehearsal, but it’s basically cowboy practice.”

Richards (Colby) added:

“When we do these things you say it so quickly, but then you factor in 200 pound animal, cameras are set and positioned a certain way, and then the animals themselves they don’t like this, so then they see one and they’re like oh, we don’t want that, so by the time it comes to them, they are just bucking and kicking…

One where he (Bohen) and I were together, we had a pretty hairy situation.”

Bohen recalled:

“Jake Ream roped a big one, we probably should’ve bailed on this one, and it got away and it was like, take my elbow, son! Right here (Pointing to square in between his eyes).”

Richards added:

“Ian goes like this, he’s like, ‘Hey.’ He’s down there for a second and we’re still in the midst of it all, and he turns around and blood is just leaking down from his face.”

They then transition to the dinner scene, where Summer joins the Duttons for dinner for the very first time.

They hilariously go around and share the “Dos and Don’ts” at the Dutton dinner table. They add everything from salad, full glass of whiskey, not wearing your cowboy hat at the dinner table, and washing the cow shit off your hands at the dinner table, and of course, don’t be Jamie.

They then discuss who would be most likely to take over the ranch duties now that John is governor of Montana.

They all agreed that anybody who has been a ranch hand for a significant amount of time could take over the duties, but they think that Ryan would be the best due to his ability to lead and articulate things to the crew.

Next, the group discusses the wild fight scene between Beth and Summer after they get into it at the dinner table.

White weighs in on why:

“Because Beth’s been trying to push Summer around for, you know, two seasons now. And that hasn’t worked, Summer is now living in he house. So it feels like, well, she’s out of other options. It’s safe to say that Beth’s got a lot of BDE (Beth Dutton Energy).”

They then go through all of the instances throughout the show where Beth has solved problems through violence.

They agree that the massive bar fight and Beth beating the ever livin’ hell out of Summer were the top two examples.

You can check out the full video here:

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