Pecos & The Rooftops Say New Music Is “On The Way” For 2023, Tease Unreleased Song

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Paxton Waitman


I have been waiting and waiting for Pecos & the Rooftops to give some sort of indication as to when their debut album, Cabin Fever, might drop.

Initially, they’d wanted to put it out this year, but with a packed tour schedule and wanting to be able to really focus on making it perfect, that time frame has been pushed back some.

They’ve been one of the biggest names in the Texas rock scene for the past two years or so now, and really exploded with the release of their smash hit “This Damn Song,” as well as their kickass debut EP, Red Eye.

With a unique blend of genres like rock, blues, jazz and country, they’re certainly a unique fixture in the current Texas music world, and they’re poised for a breakout and certainly a group to keep your eye on with this new record.

And yesterday, they shared an Instagram post that said “more tunes” are on the way for 2023, leading me to believe we might finally get that new record early next year if we’re lucky, but certainly in the first half of the new year most likely.

They even teased a clip of a new song that I already love the sound of, which I’m guessing will probably be the next single they put out:

“More tunes on the way in 2023….”

The Texas boys dropped a few songs in 2022, including “Time for Wine,” and “Hurt No More,” in addition to releasing the lead single, “Last Night’s Lashes,” in December of 2021.

Needless to say, if you’re already a fan of Pecos and the Rooftops, and if you aren’t (yet), this is definitely a project to have on your radar next year.

“Last Night’s Lashes”

“Hurt No More”

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