Joe Rogan Says The Rock Should Admit Steroid Use After Liver King News: “Not A F*cking Chance In Hell He’s Clean”

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Last week, Liver King was atop just about every headline, after a dude named Derek from the YouTube Channel More Pilates More Dates exposed emails showing that Liver King, aka Brian Johnson, had been taking steroids this whole time, and spending over $10,000 a month while he was at it.

Liver King is a social media influencer who preaches this ancestral way of life, that includes intense workouts and eating raw meats and organs.

Although there have been a number of people who’ve been skeptical about Liver King’s “natural” body, most notably Joe Rogan who said he had an “ass full of steroids,” the guy has always maintained his stance that he’s completely natural, and has always been clean.

However, after Derek exposed the emails, Liver King fessed up, saying that he has indeed been taking steroids this whole time in an apology video he posted to YouTube.

Joe Rogan invited Derek onto his podcast, and they re-watched the apology, and they couldn’t help but laugh their asses off, as Liver King tried to say his whole purpose was to help guys who are struggling with suicide, even though he’s profiting around $100 million a year off his fake lifestyle that he preaches.

Rogan said himself:

“That was so theatrical and so corny”

And everybody who watched it would probably agree.

With that being said, while Derek was still on the podcast, Rogan joked that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should come clean about steroid use as well.

He said:

“The Rock should come clean right now. He should make a video in response to the Liver King video like, ‘I need to talk to you because The Rock’s been lying.'”

He laughed, clearly joking about a theatrical confession video, but then admitted that there was no way The Rock is clean:

There’s not a f*cking chance in hell he’s clean, not a chance in hell as big as The Rock is at 50.”

Rogan also admitted that he doesn’t have a problem with people who use HRT, or hormone replacement therapy (he takes it himself), but did say that The Rock needs to be honest with people, considering his massive platform:

“There’s a responsibility that you have to the people that are listening to you. If you don’t want to talk about it that’s one thing but if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility that you have to the people who are listening to you.

I think you have to be honest… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with HRT. I think it’s smart, but you got to be honest.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing steroids to achieve that sort of physique for a movie either. I do think there’s something wrong with lying about it.”

I mean from first glance, you can’t help but think that The Rock is juiced up, but he also doesn’t preach a fake lifestyle and profit off of people like Liver King, when the whole time he’s just been juicing up.

Not to mention, The Rock is one of the most likeable, and hardworking, personalities in the film industry, and media in general.

So would it be right for him to come clean about it? Probably, but does he have to? No.

And actually, The Rock has been honest about taking steroids in the past, during his younger years, but never has gone as far to say that he still takes them. Granted, he doesn’t ever really get asked, and I think we all kind of assume he is, but still… is it worth getting ahead of?

You can check out the full The Rock segment on Rogan’s podcast here:

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