Idaho Mountain Lion Goes Full Send From The Top Of A Tree, Sticks The Landing Perfectly

Mountain Lion send

I guess even wild cats land on their feet all the time.

It makes sense a wild cat would be better at landing on their feet than most given that mountain lions love using trees to their advantage and would be prepared to fall a little farther than most creatures.

That’s a big animal to be running around trees that swiftly. I mean, we’re talking about a cat that can weigh up to 175 pounds, jumping more than 30 or 40 feet out of tree.

Mountain lions have incredible jumping abilities though. They are able to leap spans of 40 feet in a single jump and 16 feet straight up into the air.

Clearly, they’re used to flying through the air and sticking the landing. It’s what they do to survive out there and the trait that makes them such good predators.

This video shows a mountain lion leaping out of a tree top, or perhaps falling out, judging by the awkward way it comes off the top. Of course, it’s not uncommon for mountain lion hunters to use dogs to tree a cat, but not entirely sure that’s what is happening right here.

Whether it’s being hunted or not, the cat sprawls itself out and gets pointed towards the ground while spreading its body out as far as possible to act as a parachute to slow down. It lands square on its feet, sticks the landing perfectly in the snow, and immediately takes off running.

As graceful as it can be for such a large predator.

I wouldn’t exactly wanting to be standing on the ground below…

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