Bull Moose Perfectly Angles Head To Fit Antlers Through Narrow Gate

Moose gate

It must be hard carrying all that headgear around…

I mean, talk about a strong neck. These moose are really out here wandering through the woods with antlers over twice as wide as their body, dodging trees and bushes all day.

Every time I see one pop out of the woods, I genuinely have to wonder how they got through there with ease.

Moose antlers get huge. They grow wide, sometimes up to 5 feet wide with multiple spiky points coming off of large paddles. They can grow to a weight of over 30 pounds. That’s a lot to have to balance while wandering through trees.

A person has to wonder if they get hung up easily out there. I mean, try walking around the woods with a canoe paddle strapped to your head.

Clearly though, if they need to do this every day and wonder through the woods searching for food, they must be good at it.

Now, there’s even proof to the skill they have a navigated the big pieces of bone around things.

A massive bull moose is seen wandering through an Alaskan back yard and gets to the end of the fence with an open gate.

After stopping for a quick second the moose proceeds and angles its head to get one antler through then twists its up and around to get the other through without ever even touching the fence.

Now, that’s some skill.

Even the person filming wasn’t sure how they navigate those big things:

“I was always wondered how big Moose fit through the school gates with antlers. And finally, I found out how.”

The antlers are definitely worth it when the rut comes around though.

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