Tourists Get Out Of Their Cars Just Feet Away From Approaching Mama Grizz And Her 2 Cubs In Yellowstone


This is not a zoo.

These are very dangerous animals that have very highly protective instincts. No picture at a National Park is worth your life…

The signs plastered all over the park telling you not to approach bears are there for a good reason.

Sure, they are some of the most beautiful creatures to roam our land. But, those grizzly bears can be 300-pound killers with the ability to ruin your whole life. Throw in a couple cubs and you have a mama that is already on edge ready to protect her babies at all costs.

But, time and time again we see the same thing. Regardless of countless warnings and people having full time jobs trying to minimize situations like this, it just continues to happen.

These folks are seen on the side of a road in Yellowstone National Park trying to get very close up pictures of a tagged bear and her cubs.

The thing with tagged bears is sometimes they become more used to humans then other individuals and could be more likely to approach. In the end leaving the situation more dangerous.

The bears approach the car, probably hoping to find an easy snack. The people seem unconcerned regardless of multiple people yelling to them that it is unsafe.

The bears get right to the vehicle before the people start to even move.

Risky business.

Sometimes these folks seem to get off to easy.

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