Former Louisville WR Dez Fitzpatrick Calls Out Head Coach Scott Satterfield: “He MADE Us Tweet About How Well He Was Treating Us”

Scott Satterfield
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It’s December 5th, marking the beginning of the most chaotic time period in all of college football.


Because it’s the day the transfer portal officially opens, and on top of that, several coaches leave their schools for better coaching positions during this time period as well.

With that being said, Louisville head football coach Scott Satterfield upped and left the program with no fair warning to the players or school for the head coaching job at Cincinnati.

Needless to say, Louisville fans aren’t too sad about the move, because the guy has underachieved heavily during his four seasons with the Cardinals, going 8-5, 4-7, 6-7, and 7-5, and losing every year to bitter in-state rival Kentucky.

Louisville has always had a solid football program for the most part, and those numbers simply ain’t gonna cut it.

And one person in particular who is stoked to see Satterfield leave?

Dez Fitzpatrick, former Cards wide receiver, and current receiver for the Tennessee Titans.

When the news about Satterfield broke today, he tweeted out saying:

“Last thing I will say…

When the South Carolina job rumors were floating around, he MADE US tweet about how well he was treating us good, but wouldn’t tell his players that he was leaving in person!

He was NEVER honest with us!”

Man, that’s a bad look.

If Fitzpatrick’s statement is 100% true, then Cincinnati may have shot themselves in the foot with this hire.

Not to mention, it’s been a long time since Satterfield has seen success on the football field, dating back to his last season coaching at Appalachian State back in 2018.

But sheesh, what’s up with Louisville hiring scumbag coaches? First Bobby Petrino, and now this guy? Hopefully the new guy will change the narrative.

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