Yellowstone Season 5: Fans React To Beth Whooping Summer’s A** In Episode 5, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away”

Beth Dutton Yellowstone

Well, I guess that was just a matter of time…

It’s no secret that Yellowstone fans have about had it with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

Granted, she’s a fan favorite for many, but for others, they can’t stand her brash, reckless, destructive, downright cruel behavior, sometimes.

That being said, Summer’s (Piper Perabo) ignorant, self-righteous, high horse, vegan, hippie ass hasn’t really made her many friends in Montana either… other than maybe the Governor, John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Beth and Summer have been at each other’s throats since they first met in the kitchen, and it finally came to a boiling point on Season 5, Episode 5, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away.”


A good ole fashioned fist fight.

Honestly, I thought it was was pretty cringe, watching these two gals trade blows in the front yard, but overall, the reactions have been pretty mixed.

Some loved it, some hated it.

Some still love Beth, some hate Beth… but one thing is for certain… everybody loves Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

Kelly Reilly On Beth Dutton’s Secret

Yellowstone season five episode four dropped this past Sunday, and if you were watching, then you know there could be some insanity unfolding between Jamie and Beth Dutton.

After Jamie gets Beth out of jail for inciting a full on bar brawl, the two head back home and she notices a baby car seat in the backseat.

Jamie then admits that he has a son, and Beth becomes incredibly jealous, considering Jamie is the reason she can’t have kids after he took her to an abortion clinic that made her infertile back when they were young.

She then threatens to take the baby away from Jamie, saying he’s as good as gone.

Jamie then attempts to even hit Beth with his car as she’s walking away, but decides not to at the last second.

Needless to say, if Beth stays true to her word, things could get ugly as the season progresses.

Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth on the show, discussed the tumultuous relationship between the two siblings with The Hollywood Reporter.

She first weighed in on Beth’s character as a whole:

“I have the luxury of saying Taylor Sheridan’s words, which are weapons, sometimes they’re prayers, and sometimes they’re screams. It’s hard to explain Beth or sum her up.

It took me a long time to access her and fully understand her. Many hours back in season one before we started filming, I would just be on the phone with Taylor listening to him. I have probably three notebooks full of notes about his vision of her and her history.”

She also discussed the reasoning behind Beth’s hatred for Jamie:

“Beth didn’t have a choice. This is a character who was a teen when she got pregnant, and she wasn’t able to go to her father, and her mother is no longer alive.

She’s so afraid of shaming or disappointing her father, so she went to Jamie, who made a terrible mistake because he also didn’t want the word to get out about the high-ranking John Dutton’s daughter, so he took her to a place where nobody would know about it, and she trusted him and made a terrible, awful, tragic mistake.

She doesn’t talk about what happened for many reasons. One of them would be she knows that Rip would kill him. But it’s not just about that. There’s something about this secret that is tied in [to losing their mother].”

And it goes even deeper.

She also discussed other reasons why Jamie and Beth despise each other, besides the abortion situation:

“I actually think that Jamie blames Beth for the death of their mother, so does Beth, blame herself. But more importantly, I would actually say that Beth believes that Jamie is the biggest potential threat to her father. He’s already shown it several times.

And if there’s anything that is worth killing Jamie for, or getting rid of him for, it’s if he threatens, or re-threatens, her father and the ranch.”

So the million dollar question… would she kill her own brother? His child? Would he consider killing her? It’s anybody’s guess…

She was then asked if she thinks that Beth would ever actually murder her own brother, and she was hesitant to think that Beth would actually go through with it:

“Good question, I’d have to think about it. When I’m in the pit of her hatred and her rage and her pain, yes. It’s that potent and painful for her.

But, I don’t know. She had an opportunity to do it, and she didn’t.”

Beth is one of a kind…. no doubt about it, I just wonder how long can she continue on this warpath before it reaches a boiling point.

She’ll inevitably ruin herself, her family, her relationship with Rip… or all of the above.

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