Yellowstone Bison Looks Like He’s About To Railroad A Group Snowmobilers

Bison yellowstone


Yellowstone National Park is magical place, full of beauty and wonder… and massive, living and breathing tanks that look to run you off the side of a mountain with their giant heads.

Ok, maybe not quite that aggressive… but these aren’t fluffy cows.

This bison here looks like he might just be playing, but do we really want to take that chance?

Either way, pretty exciting encounter for these folks.

Most people tend to think of Yellowstone as a place you visit in the summer to watch the animals, maybe see the geyser… but a winter trip offers just as much fun.

And apparently, just as much wildlife.

Check it out:

Bison “Washes” Car At Yellowstone National Park

Well, this is a heartwarming video for your Friday.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of bozo tourists at Yellowstone National Park try to mess with the wildlife, and pay the price for it.

Hell, some have even landed jail time because of it.

However, there’s still the majority of tourists who respect the majestic creatures who roam the near 3,500 miles of land within the pristine national park.

And here’s a perfect example of one of those creatures and tourists co-existing in the best kind of way.

Bison are known to be standoffish at times when they feel threatened, and most normal-brained people try to keep their distance if encountering one.

This, however, is a rare instance where a friendly bison at Yellowstone walked right up to a group of tourists sitting in their car, and began to give the whole vehicle a “car wash,” so to speak, before walking away as onlookers grab a video.

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A beer bottle on a dock