Woman Tries To Feed Decoy Ducks, Snaps On Hunters When She Realizes They’re Fake

Duck Hunting

On this planet, you have stupid people, and ya have dumb people.

This woman may be both…

A couple of buddies were out duck hunting, and set out a number of decoy ducks to help draw in the live ducks.

However, their hunt was briefly disrupted by this granny who decided to walk out to the shore and feed the ducks some bread.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that she’s just a cute little clueless grandma who just wanted to feed the ducks… and you’d be sorta right.

She is a clueless granny…

So when the hunters politely tell the woman that the ducks aren’t real, and not to feed them in a designated hunting area, she goes full blown Karen on them, calling them murders who should get their ducks at “Wegmans,” like the ducks at the grocery store just magically appeared on the shelf.

Probably both pissed off and a bit embarrassed for not realizing that the ducks were decoys, she storms off and the boys, along with their trusty hunting pup, go back to work.

As the caption says, “you can’t make this shit up.”

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