Sierra Ferrell Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Life On Tour In Europe

Sierra Ferrell Country music

Take a short glimpse into a day in the life while on a European tour with Sierra Ferrell.

One of Ferrell’s newest YouTube video gives you a short visit with what she likes to do during her day while on tour in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

She spends her day before the tour wandering the streets and taking in the city’s sites. She stops at a vintage store and finds a new piece to wear for her show.

I love seeing what pieces she pulls during this scene because Ferrell’s style is unlike any other. She wears a ton of vintage elements and puts a modern twist on them, which perfectly matches her sound.

After some shopping, they head back to the streets and talk to a street performer with an owl.

Then it’s time to head to the record shop for her acoustic show. She played at Assai Records, which appears to be a sweet little record shop. As the crowded room continues to fill to see Ferrell, they give us a clip of her performing “In Dreams.”

The snippet is flawless. With little setup, her voice still sounds just like it does on the record.

The best part of the clip is when they pan to the crowd, singing the “ohhhh’s” from the tune with her, and you can see the broad audience that she appeals to overseas.

I can’t imagine my obsession with Sierra Ferrell fading anytime soon. She is such a great talent.


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