Tanya Tucker To Star in New Holiday Movie ‘A Nashville Christmas’

Tanya Tucker country music

Tanya Tucker is reigniting her actress skillset on a new project!

A Nashville Christmas is set to premiere on the Paramount Network, and Tanya will play a version of, well… herself? The role has Tanya embodying an overwhelmed country musician who seeks out a relaxing holiday on her grandmother’s small town Tennessee farm.

I’m sure you can predict the rest, but there’s something oddly comforting about the predictability of feel-good Christmas films.

According to Billboard, Tanya’s character will return to Tennessee and find her traditional country roots again, which sounds oddly like Tanya’s real life, particularly her newer projects with Brandi Carlile which have highlighted her long timeline of success and brought her back into the public eye after a long hiatus.

The “Delta Dawn” singer will simultaneously star in the film and also play a key role as an executive producer. She described the opportunity as one of her “dreams becoming reality” and expressed excitement for viewers to see the finished product.

A Nashville Christmas is set to premiere on Monday, December 12th at 8 pm, but will also hold a coveted Christmas day slot on CMT.

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