Pig Realizes It’s About To Turn Into Bacon, Jumps Out Of Trailer & Tumbles Down The Road


Run little buddy!

It’s always hilarious to me seeing animals that some how escape from farms, whether it’s been in person or on video.

I’ll never forget leaving a buddy’s house around midnight one weekend, and while I was driving through the the middle of downtown, a horse was running rampant through the streets.

Flip on the news the next day, and the headline is “HORSE ON THE LOOSE.”

In this video right here, a couple was riding directly behind an animal trailer in Peoria, Illinois, when all of a sudden, a pig sticks its head out.

You can see the pig standing on the edge, contemplating on if it should jump or not.

Needless to say, this pig went full send.

It knew something was up when all of its buddies were being shipped away in this exact same trailer, only to never be seen again.

This pig was not willing to turn into bacon.

After taking a few tumbles on the highway, this ol’ boy stands up, seemingly ok, and starts to walk off and make a break for it. It’s uncertain if the pig got away for good, but you have to commend the bravery.

Check it out:

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