Bobcat Lunges After A Turkey Hunter In Virginia


That ones gotta hurt…

Having a house cat go off and scratch and biting your hand just for fun doesn’t feel good. I can’t imagine dealing with a completely wild cat would be an enjoyable encounter.

Bobcats are one cool cat though. Any animal that has a personality that so closely resembles that of something in our world is always funny. Really, they are just slightly bigger wild house cats. Their mannerisms and personality are so similar to house cats.

The real differences are their hunting ability and size. Bobcats are extremely successful hunters taking out everything from small game, rabbits to even deer if the timing is right.

Bobcats, like most wildlife, likes to steer clear of people. The only reason they really attack humans is if they are rabid or feel like they are very threatened.

This turkey hunter had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting one of those few bobcats…

As he was sitting calling in some turkeys, a bobcat came to check out the seen. This is fairly common as a bobcat would think their was turkey in the area and was probably coming to find a meal.

Instead, the bobcat found the turkey hunter and I guess he must have thought it was an option.

The bobcat slowly approaches the hunter just like he is stalking him as the man films. When the bobcat gets close enough it pounces with speed and power.

The camera view strays away as the hunter fights against the bobcat. The cat disappears quicker than the attack happened.

What an unexpected event when out chasing some gobblers.

That is nature.

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