Idaho Men Rescue Buck That Was Trapped On Frozen Creek


I’m not much of a betting man, but I would bet my whole life savings that this deer has never been more thankful for human interaction, than this moment right here.

This video comes out of Shelley, Idaho, where a buck unknowingly made its way onto a frozen over creek, and must have slipped and fell.

Unable to get back up, the buck just sits there, hoping somebody or something comes across him and saves him.

Luckily, a couple of homebuilders were nearby, and decided to help the stranded buck.

They first tried to actually walk on the ice to save it, but realized that was probably too dangerous, and the ice could crack at any moment.

On their second effort, one of the builders lassos one of the antlers on the buck, and pulls him to safety.

After the buck breaks free from the rope, he starts hopping around in excitement as he darts off in the other direction.

They gave a rundown on the story in the caption:

“This video took place on one of our home builds. The deer had been getting stuck on the ice and we decided to help free them. Me and my cousin.

One of the deer ended up not making it due to injuries it had received from falling on the ice but the other ran free as seen in the video.

They would get on the ice and slip and weren’t able to get up because their feet would slip immediately. They were feisty but we were able to get them off the ice.”

Check it out:

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