Dolly Parton And Kelly Clarkson Team Up For Duet Of “9 To 5,” And It’s The Best ‘Kellyoke’ Feature Yet

Dolly Parton country music

What a duo…

Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson could sing just about any artist on earth under the table, and Dolly was actually a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show this week.

And of course, they had to give fans a live perfomance of “9 to 5,” which they recently completely reimagined for a documentary about the original film called Still Working 9 to 5.

As the famous story goes, Dolly wrote the iconic song for the iconic film of the same name, that she co-starred in with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in 1980.

It’s obviously become one of her most popular and beloved songs, and she actually wrote it using her acrylic nails while on the movie set, which you will definitely want to read about here.

We all know and love Dolly’s original 1980 smash hit, and their new version is a pretty far cry from the original in terms of the production, but they did a cool mash up of the two here for this live performance.

Talk about a cup of ambition, though… this is by far and away the best version of Kellyoke I’ve ever seen, and it’s not particularly close:

The reimagined version of “9 to 5”:

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