Black Bear Breaks Into Tourist’s Car In Gatlinburg, Tennessee: “He’s Eating My Nerds!”

bear gatlinburg

Ahh, the ever interesting black bear.

These at times clumsy, at times smooth, at times vicious creatures are known to do just about everything, from attacking bowhunters to hanging out in a backyard pool, and looking right at home no matter the situation.

They’re also notorious for stealing food from humans, whether raiding the trash or breaking into a family kitchen, and this latest video is just more proof that they’re pretty dang clever in the pursuit of a snack.

According to the video owner, it was the first day of their family vacation when the dad accidentally forgot to lock the car and left some food inside.

Even though the doors were closed and the windows were up, the bear was able to spot the free meal, figure out how to open the door, and start feasting.

And while it may not have been the incredible family vacation moment they planned for, there’s no way it won’t be a core memory for years to come.

Just listen to the kids watching it happen:

“He’s a monster!

He’s just munching, having a little bite!

Yo, that’s funny but like scary at the same time… 

Oh, he’s eating my nerds!”

Classic… absolutely classic.

Hopefully they learned a good lesson in the midst of this hilarity, though. Don’t want them trying to attract any more bears out there…

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A beer bottle on a dock