Wily Coyote Steals Golfer’s Cellphone Right Out Of The Golf Court, Runs Off

Coyote golf course

Well, that certainly was unexpected…

Imagine trying to convince the wife that’s what happened to your cellphone after a day spent at the golf course with the boys and a few cold ones. That’s a hard sell…

Thankfully, they got video proof.

Coyotes are pests, there’s no two ways about it.

They cause problems to farmers all across the country, reproduce fast, in many areas they take out a fair share of deer, and now, they’re out here stealing our cellphones?

I don’t need much of reason to want to get out hunting, but if those aren’t good enough, I don’t know what would be.

Coyotes are just large enough, weighing around 30-pounds in most places, that you don’t really want to fight one. They have enough fight that they could inflict some damage quickly and no one wants to have to get a rabies shot.

But, if one was grabbing my phone, I’d be running trying to get that back by any means necessary.

These fellas were teeing up for a hole when a coyote wandered along to check them out.

The coyote started sniffing around their carts, probably hoping to find a bag of chips or something. But, he found something else he liked, one of the golfer’s cellphones.

The coyote is seen grabbing it with his mouth and starting to walk away. As the boys laugh and the owner chases after it, they state what we are all thinking.

“I think he’ll end up dropping it, I don’t see how he can hold it”

But, as they try to track him down he continues to hold on and runs away with it.

Talk about bad luck and an expensive 18-holes.

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