Nevada Black Bear Attacks Inflatable Rudolph In Front Yard

Black bear deer

RIP Rudolph…

“Rudolph just got eaten by a black bear, standing in the front yard Christmas Eve…”

A man in Zephyr Cove, Nevada was treated to quite scene when he woke up a few days ago at his house near Lake Tahoe.

Dave Lester had decorated for Christmas and one of those decorations was a large inflatable Rudolph, which I’m sure the kids absolutely love, but at least one member of Nevada’s wildlife certainly didn’t.

A security camera captured footage of a black bear mounting a sneak attack on the inflatable reindeer, biting its hind side, holding it down, and even ripping at its leg.

Apparently this bear isn’t feeling the holiday spirit…

He posted the video to Facebook, letting the world know that Rudolph hadn’t survived the attack…

“Sad news, woke up this morning to Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive. No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive him.”

He also spoke to KTVU, noting that it’s not the first time bears have shown interest in the decorations.

“They have a little route they use where they walk right in front of the houses… There were a couple stare downs last year but for some reason he just figured he was going to make a meal out of Rudolph”

Make sure your inflatables are properly equipped to handle wildlife, folks. I’m talking bear spray, noise makers, hell maybe even a double barrel…

Otherwise, they’re just sitting ducks out there.

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