Muscadine Bloodline Drop Acoustic Video From School Bus For Upcoming Single “Made Her That Way”

Muscadine bloodline country music

There may not be a country music duo out there that’s putting out bangers left and right like Muscadine Bloodline is right now.

Ol’ Charlie and Gary have released a plethora of sweet singles, from “Me On You,” to “Evinrudin’,” and “Cryin’ in a GMC.”

Needless to say, whenever this album drops it has the potential to be their best work to date.

And their latest single they’re dropping?

It’s titled “Made Her That Way,” as it’s slated to drop this Friday.

“Made Her That Way” has been in the Muscadine Bloodline arsenal for quite some time now, as it was featured on the 2020 Quarantine Work-Tapes, Vol. 1 acoustic EP when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak.

The song quickly became a fan favorite from that group of songs, and it was inevitable that the song would get cut eventually, and now we’re almost there.

The song is one of those that reaches out and nearly rips your heart out with its relatability, even from the first verse:

“Cussin’ more than my name in the bathroom mirror
Wore down to nothin’, her mama always told her
We would never be somethin’
We’re youngin’s, too young for lovin’
Left her more than lonely this time…”

Although we still have a few more days before we get the studio version of the song, we can always count on Muscadine Bloodline to hit us with one of their kickass acoustic videos.

In these acoustic videos, the duo always chooses a great setting for the song they’re singing. Hell, they played “Evinrudin'” out of a Jon boat.

And for “Made Her That Way,” Charlie and Gary chose a school bus, as they’re sitting on top of the seats.

Once again, it’s a great opportunity to appreciate their impressive vocals, harmonies, and the pickin’ skills… up close and personal.

Check it out:

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