Incredibly Rare All-White Bald Eagle Discovered In Oklahoma

Bald Eagle
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Is this a good sign for the 50 stars and 13 bars in the World Cup?

According to For The Win, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation shared a video of an incredibly rare white bald eagle.

They shared in their Twitter account in all caps:

“Just in time for that World Cup win, we have a leucistic bald eagle sighting. This eagle’s abnormal color is caused by a genetic condition called leucism, which prevents pigments from reaching its feathers.

Leucistic bald eagles are rare. Look at ’em”

The rare footage was captured by Justin Bailey, and the ODWC stated that:

“While there isn’t any way to confirm that this is the same one that pulled through repeatedly along the Illinois River last year, we’re still PUMPED to have this homie hanging around our neck of the woods.”

I just thank the Good Lord every day that our founding fathers chose this fearsome creature as our nation’s bird, instead of going Benjamin Franklin’s route and choosing a damn wild turkey (ok, Ben didn’t really want a  wild turkey, just hated the eagle design at the time).

I’m just hoping that this is a good luck charm for the United States to beat those crazy Dutch bastards on Saturday.

We can keep our fingers crossed, right?

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