Fisherman Hilariously Wets A Line From An Ice Block Floating In Middle Of The Lake

Ice fishing

Yessir, this fella is taking ice fishing to a new level.

With winter quickly on our heels, ice fishing is quickly approaching. The bridge that keeps me through the winter seasons, and a great pastime for a weekend afternoon with some friends.

Although the action is generally a bit slower and the fish are not nearly as full of life as in the spring and summer, it still can lead to some cool moments and great stories with your friends.

The cold air scares off many, but proper clothing is easy enough to figure out so you can be comfortable during the winter months.

This fella had an ice fishing itch like no other though.

He is seen floating in the middle of a large lake, kicked back on a chair floating on a large piece of ice. Granted, his line isn’t in a hole in the ice, he’s fishing from a block of ice, but it’s still ice fishing… right? Maybe not…

Either way, I’m shivering just thinking about all the possibilities of what could go wrong here.

As some buddies roll by in their boat out fishing they get a good laugh as the man kicks back and enjoys his time on the water.

Risky business but hilarious nonetheless.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock