Waylon Jennings’ Performance Of “If You Could Touch Her At All” From 1975 Is Pure Country Perfection

Waylon Jennings country music

Heart be still…

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Waylon Jennings had more charisma in his pinky finger than most people have in their entire body, and the way he sings this song just takes it to another level.

And I never get tired of discovering vintage performances of Waylon in his prime from a music standpoint, at the height of the country outlaw movement of the 1970’s.

Specifically, his performance of “If You Could Touch Her At All” from Live at the Opry House in Dallas back in 1975 is pure perfection. I could seriously watch videos like these all day long.

The song itself is pretty straightforward, if you will, where he longs for more than “one night of love” with  the woman he loves:

“One night of love don’t make up for six nights aloneI’d rather have one than none Lord I’m flesh and boneThough sometimes it seems she ain’t worth the trouble at allShe can be worth the world if somehow you can touch her at all”

The track was was written by Lee Clayton, and included on Waylon’s 1974 album This Time (which was produced by Waylon and Willie Nelson).

Willie and Waylon also included a version on their classic 1978 Waylon & Willie album, with Willie taking the lead vocals and doing so with a bit of a softer touch than Waylon that I also love. Willie later included it on his 1981 Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be) album, as well.

It’s a super underrated song from both of their catalogs, in my opinion, and they both put their own perfect spin on it.

But I have to say, I don’t think this can really compare to anything:

Willie’s version:

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