Watch Zach Bryan Perform “Something In The Orange” Live From Nashville’s The Station Inn

Zach Bryan country music

Sets from The Station Inn hit different.

If you haven’t heard of Zach Bryan at this point, you live under a rock. And it is also no secret that this man is an unreal talent, both lyrically and vocally.

“Something In The Orange” is one of my favorite songs from Bryan at the moment… basic, I know, but the A & E version has a soft spot in my heart. The melody’s simplicity and the lyrics’ complexity stick with me, and I will always be one of the biggest fans of this tune.

In September, Bryan did an intimate show at the historic Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.

This acoustic performance might be one of my favorites.

Just a keyboard player, a fiddle player, and Bryan on the stage.

As the fiddle player starts the introduction, followed by Bryan striking up the guitar, you can hear a pin drop. The audience is stone silent waiting to help out with the lyrics.

The melody is very faint and lets the vocals shine so brightly.

When the chorus comes around, you can hear the audience faintly, but because of how intimate the venue is, it almost feels like you are in the room watching the video.

The simplicity of this performance is beautiful to watch.

Zach Bryan truly is an unreal talent.

And Lord, I hope he can pull out the Grammy for this tune.

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