Watch Bella White Cover The Hell Out Of “Travelin’ Soldier”

Bella White country music


Bella White has been putting out some stellar music recently, and today as I had some of her music videos playing in the background while I did house chores… and this beauty began to play.

Originally written and recorded by Bruce Robison in the ’90s, “Travelin’ Soldier” is such a classic that exploded in 2002 when it was released as a single by The Dixie Chicks.

And if you’re anything like me, you spent most of your childhood belting that out with a combination of “Goodbye Earl.

But this version of “Travelin’ Solider” is just heavenly.

A year ago, White put out his cover as part of her Under The Covers cover series she did.

“This weeks Under The Covers is my favorite so far. The other day I was scrolling as we do and was somehow reminded of this throwback hit by The Chicks that i was absolutely obsessed with around the age of 9.

I hope that this song evokes the same sense of nostalgia for you that it does for me. I also hope that this serves a reminder to go down memory lane and hit up some music that you loved as a pup.”

She writes in her Instagram caption teasing the tune.

The softness of the simple guitar strum combined with White’s bluegrass heavy vocals brings this song into a new perspective. It’s solemn, yet cozy at the same time.

The fact White is sitting in her bed while playing the cover gives it an effortless feel that shows how insanely talented White is.

This video may very well be on its way to becoming my new comfort YouTube video.

Y’all give it a listen.

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