Mole Snake Messes With Honey Badger, Pays The Ultimate Price

Mole Snake

Honey badger don’t give a f*ck…

If there’s one thing you probably know about honey badgers, it’s their unbelievably ferocious killing capabilities that allow them to attack and run off animals many times their size, like Cape Buffalo, horses, and cattle. They also are known to eat cobras and rock pythons, further indicative of how badass they are.

Well, the Smithsonian Channel once again has blessed us with absolutely incredible footage of a lowly mole snake picking a fight with the one and only honey badger.

The video begins with some information on the mole snake, mainly that it is not venomous, but is a powerful constrictor with a strong bite that can cause wounds that may become infected, meaning that the snake isn’t a total slouch.

However, there’s very few animals that can prey on the honey badger due to their oily, thick skin and razor sharp teeth and claws, and this poor mole snake found out the hard way.

While it did get a few face bites in and escaped a few times, the mole snake quickly realized this was a mistake and tried to make a run for it.

Unfortunately for the snake, the honey badger was in no mood to let a meal slip away and easily caught the retreating snake, pining it to the ground and inflicting the final blows, a few powerful bites to the head…

Moral of this story?

Never, under any circumstances ever, mess with a honey badger.

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