Kitesurfer Runs Into A Humpback Whale Off The Coast Of California

Kite boarder

There’s extreme, then there’s kiteboarding over a whale, extreme.

Kiteboarding is exactly what it sounds like. An adrenaline junkies game that involves a board and you holding onto a kite for dear life as it pulls you across the top of the water as fast as the wind will take you.

It is a pretty wild activity for thrill seekers that can lead to the opportunity to catch some air off of waves and has pretty low risk given you can bail into the water at any point. The only real risk involved is the possibility of hitting something unexpected coming out of the water.

Humpback whales are the one of the largest animals on our planet, weighing up to 40 tons and being 50 feet in length…

Massive would a huge understatement for this animal.

Naturally, a person doesn’t want to run into something that big and certainly doesn’t expect to either.

This kite boarder was out for a day of surfing off the coast of Crissy Field Beach, in San Francisco, California when the most unexpected thing happened.

He is seen enjoying the water and nice weather when out of nowhere he runs over top of a massive animal.

The man freaks out in excitement, as well as shock, when he realizes what just happened. He literally rode up a humpback whale like a ramp in the water.

And here’s the kicker, he’s never even seen a whale in his entire life… and just jumped off one.


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A beer bottle on a dock