Hunter Accidentally Shot & Killed By Own Dog On Hunting Trip

Duck hunter

Talk about a heartbreaking situation all around.

A new father and avid hunter from Turkey tragically passed away after he was tragically shot by his own dog while hunting this past weekend, according to the New York Post.

The victim was 32-year-old Ozgur Gevrekoglu, who was hunting with buddies on the Kizlan Plateau in Samsun Province.

The hunting trip went smooth as planned, but the tragic event unfolded as Gevrekoglu was packing up to leave.

He was reportedly putting his dog in the trunk of the car, when its paw touched the trigger, causing the gun to go off and accidentally shooting him.

He was then rushed to Alacam State Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Gevrekoglu’s body was then transferred to Samsun, the state capital, where it was observed for an autopsy as an investigation is underway involving his death.

He’s posted several pictures with his dogs, and its unclear which was the one who accidentally discharged the gun.

Some Turkish media outlets are claiming that Gevrekoglu was actually murdered by one of his buddies, and the dog is being used as a cover up. However, investigators have found no evidence of foul play at this point.

A similar situation occurred back in 2018, when a New Mexico man was accidentally shot in the back by his dog during a jack-rabbit hunt.

Absolutely heartbreaking… our prayers go out to the family.

RIP to a fellow bird hunter.

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