Connecticut Black Bear Looks Like It’s Dancing While Scratching Its Back On A Telephone Pole

bear dance

That feel good or what?

Besides the fact that bears could absolutely rip you apart limb by limb in a heartbeat if they feel threatened by you, bears can be pretty cute creatures if you’re just observing them from a distance.

Just take this bear for instance.

For those who aren’t too familiar, bears tend to get a lot of satisfaction by scratching their backs against trees, or objects similar.

I mean of course they would, they can’t reach behind their backs like we can, so they have to find the nearest tree whenever they get that pesky itch.

Here we have a black bear from out in West Simsbury, Connecticut, who is having the absolute time of its life scratching its back against a telephone pole.

In fact, it’s having such a great time, that it looks like it’s borderline break dancing while they’re working out the itch.

The person filming the hilarious scene shared in the caption:

“This bear walks through my property often. It smelled the birdseed in the feeder and wanted to get it. I blew the airhorn several times. It did not want to leave.

I yelled at it, but instead of going, it walked over to a nearby tree (actually a telephone pole) and started to dance! I was delighted with the entertainment. It stayed for about half an hour.”

That must have been one helluva itch. The bear didn’t even care that a human was screaming at it, and proceeded to just go ahead and do its thing.

That’s a power move right there.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock