Brave Woodpecker Tries To Defend Nest From Invading Snake


This was unfair from the start, but man did the woodpecker give its all.

Woodpeckers make their homes in tree trunks after coupling up. They burrow out a space and settle in for mating, using the nest until the eggs hatch and the offspring are ready to live on their own.

While the high nesting point keeps the birds safe from a number of predators, it does leave them susceptible to an attack from those that can crawl, like snakes.

We get to see just how intense it can be when a snake makes its way into one of the woodpeckers nests in this video from a few years back.

The video begins showing the mother woodpecker taking care of her recently hatches babies and feeding them some bugs captured nearby.

But things get intense quickly when the scene cuts to a life and death fight due to a yellow bellied puffer snake taking residence in the nest.

As soon as the mother realizes this, she begins attacking, even though it was probably much to late to save the babies inside. She attacks viciously, pecking the snake with all her might, but it had no chance from the start.

The snake is able to grab a hold of the bird many times, thrashing it around and ripping flesh and feathers from the poor woodpecker.

Save to say, it was a tragic day for that woodpecker family…

Nature is, and forever will be, brutal.

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