Polar Bear Takes Out Walrus, Has To Fight Another Polar Bear To Keep It

Polar bear

Nature is wild…

There’s always a video popping up that makes me think nature can’t get anymore crazy. Then we go to the great white north and have a frozen wasteland where hardly anything can survive.

Nature is crazy even where its above freezing temperatures and the animals are still fighting to survive.

Throw in an animal that blends in with its surroundings and is the most notorious killer around, aka the Polar Bear, and we have ourselves the most wild part… of the wild.

The polar bear is a beast. Males can weigh over 1,700 pounds, making them the largest land-living carnivore.

They live in the harshest environments anything can live in and they do it well. They will eat anything they can catch a scent or sight of and track it down for miles.

This polar bear was living its best life when it came across a large group of walruses… an easy dinner for this bear, or so he thought.

The bear picks off one of the walruses and starts to have itself a feed. In comes the other bears…

As soon as he gets the walrus down two more polar bears come in for a meal. The polar bear, covered in blood comes running for a fight.

A mother showed up with her two cubs for some walrus, but the original hunter does not approve. They have a little tussle over it but ultimately there is enough for everyone.

All four polar bears are seen sharing the walrus.

That’s a wild interaction with some of the toughest animals out there.

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