Pittsburgh Player Violently Slams Helmet To His Forehead, The Bench Squirms In Horror

helmet smash

It was a great night last night if you’re a Pitt Panthers fan.

Although the season didn’t quite go as successfully as Pitt had planned, the Panthers whooped the Miami Hurricanes by a final score of 42-16 to finish the regular season 8-4, and it was never even close.

However, if you’re a Pitt fan, don’t let the scoreboard take away from the fact that there’s a complete psychopath on your roster.

The guy is number 95 Devin Danielson, a redshirt senior defensive lineman from Pittsburgh, who looks like he eats nails for breakfast and tree bark for dinner.

Video footage has gone viral of Danielson on the sidelines last night, looking like he’s joking with one of his teammates and enjoying the ass whoopin’ they’re handing the Hurricanes.

But only a few seconds later, the guy begins to slam his helmet to his forehead multiple times as hard as he possibly can.

If you’ve ever held a football helmet before, then you know they’re pretty heavy, and if you swing it and somebody’s head and hit them in the right spot, it might as well be a lethal weapon.

But nah, Danielson walks it off like nothing ever happened. Football guy, or psychopath? Or both? You be the judge.

But perhaps the best part of the video is watching everybody on the bench react to it.

Everybody squirms and turns away from the horror, knowing just how badly that has to hurt.

Check it out:


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