Clueless Fisherman Accidentally Hooks Into Surfer In California: “Let The String Out… F*ckin’ Moron”

pier fishing

Yep, this was the biggest catch of this pier fisherman’s life.

In fact, I’d go ahead and bet all my money that he’ll never reel anything close to this size.

And why?

Because my guy reeled in a HUMAN SURFER.

No, this is not a fictional story.

Video footage has gone viral of the pier fisherman who accidentally hooked a dude surfing on the North Side of the Huntington Beach pier in Huntington Beach, California.

The surfer, who has been identified as Will Doreen, said that he was hooked in his wrist, and was reeled towards the pier.

Could you imagine what was going on through both of these guys’ minds?

One is probably in pain and fighting for his life, and the other thought he had some massive trophy fish on his hands.

Doreen told Stab Magazine:

“I could not get out the hook with my finger because there is so much tension. I had to use my teeth to rip out the hook from my wrist. In doing so I was hoping that the hook would not catch my lip and make the situation worse.

My wrist is OK and I was able to stay out. All I have is a small puncture wound, but the pain was incredibly intense at the time.”

And perhaps the funniest part is that the fisherman was oblivious the whole time.

Luckily, Doreen was able to pry the hook out of his wrist and escape the jaws of death, but nevertheless, he’s gonna have a wild story to share with his buddies.

Dan’s Surf Cave also shared:

“So if surfing the Northside Huntington Beach Pier wasn’t challenging enough with the unruly crowds and lack of surfing etiquette you also have to be aware of becoming this evening’s catch of the day.”

Be careful out there surfers.

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