West Virginia Defensive Back Celebrates A Completed Pass By Oklahoma State

WVY slant

We all love to poke fun at defensive backs in football.

You know, the quarterback throws a pass 20 yards over a wide receivers head, and the cornerback is waving his hands making an incomplete symbol and yelling:


Yeah bro, Goliath himself couldn’t have caught that ball, and the receiver was wide open.

Of course, I respect the position of defensive backs, because you’re having to focus on multiple players at one time, and if you think a second too late, you just got burnt for a 60 yard touchdown pass.

Nevertheless, it’s still funny watching these guys.

And as our latest example of doofus defensive back, he comes from West Virginia.

They’re squaring off against Oklahoma State today in Oklahoma, and the Cowboys quarterback hit his wide receiver on a slant.

The defensive back was in perfect coverage, but there was one problem…

He thought he had swatted the ball incomplete, and he began to celebrate…

And the wide receiver proceeded to run free for another 30 yards, and number 14 is still back where he was, thinking he had just forced an incomplete pass.

Sheesh, ya hate to see it.

But hey, the good news is that he’ll probably show up on Sports Center… “Not Top 10.”

OK State currently leads WVU 10-7 in the third quarter, and took the lead after my guy’s mis-judgement.

Check it out:

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