Two Montana Bucks Casually Walk Onto Grandma’s Front Porch To Munch On Some Pumpkin

montana bucks

Looks like a couple of friends wanted to come visit for Thanksgiving dinner.

Typically when you see deer in a residential area, they’re chilling in somebody’s front yard around 1 in the morning, when it’s absolutely dead quiet and they know the coast is clear from humans.

However, you almost never see them hang out in a residential area in broad daylight, much less walking right up to somebody’s front porch.

But for these two bucks?

I guess they were feeling social and hungry.

In this footage, you can see two mature trophy bucks make their way onto somebody’s grandma’s front porch in what appears to be the middle of the day in Missoula, Montana.

One of the bucks even appears to notice the person filming from the other side of the window, but doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

They have a brief stare down, and judging by the pumpkin that was left out on the porch, it appears that the bucks saw it as a perfect opportunity for a meal.

Typically, when deer aren’t afraid to walk up to someone’s house in the middle of the day, that means that they’ve earned trust with humans, and don’t’ feel afraid to interact with them in any way.

This can come from constant feeding or engagement in any way.

The caption reads:

“This took place at my grandmother’s house. The night before the video was shot my son had carved a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween. That day I was sitting on the couch when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

When I looked over I saw this trophy buck on my grandma’s porch eating the pumpkin.”

Check it out:

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