Relive The Epic Bar Brawl On The Latest Episode Of Yellowstone Season 5

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There ain’t nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned bar fight.

You know, when you get a little bit of testosterone mixed with alcohol, some dude is bound to get pissed off by another guy, whether it’s because he tried talking to his girl, bumped into him, or even simply “looked at him the wrong way.”

Next thing ya know, hands are thrown, and the bouncers throw them out immediately.

Of course, you very rarely see an all out brawl occur in a bar, to the point where beer bottles are being smashed over heads, people’s faces are getting smashed into a table, etc. etc.

That’s something you only see in the movie Road House, unless you are one of the few fortunate (Or unfortunate, depending on who you are) people who have experienced this in person.

On the latest episode of Yellowstone, Beth, Rip, and the ranch hands decide to hit up a bar in Bozeman, where Ryan’s new flame, Abby (Lainey Wilson), is playing a show.

They end up going, and while they are there, a rando woman walks up to Rip and tries to flirt with him.

She hits him with the classic:

“Aren’t you a tall drink of water.”

Rip proceeds to tell her:

“I’m married darlin’.”

She then says she is too.

He asks her where her husband is at, and she responds:

“He’s in Sacramento.”

She then asks where his wife is, and he says:

“My wife is standing right over there, staring at ya.”

And this is where she screws up. She tries to walk over to Beth and “handle the situation,” and as soon as she approaches her, Beth smacks her over the head with a beer bottle, and we get an all out brawl going in the bar, just like Road House.

I mean c’mon, she just flirts with a married dude when she’s married herself, and then tries to talk to his wife? That would end badly involving anybody besides Beth Dutton. Ol’ Beth was ready to commit murder.

Relive the scene here:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock