Bryant’s Doug Edert Ejected For Retaliatory Slap On Syracuse Guard Judah Mintz

Doug edert

If you remember back to March Madness this past year, then the name Doug Edert probably sounds familiar.

He was the mustached kid who led Saint Peter’s to a magical run to the Elite 8, and was practically the face of college basketball in the month of March.

Well, Edert transferred to Bryant this year looking for a new start, and I’m guessing this isn’t the start he expected or wanted…

They’re currently playing the Syracuse Orange, but Bryant is without Edert now.

He got into a scuffle with Syracuse’s Judah Mintz, and he might’ve pulled the ultimate, what we call in my neck of the woods, a “bitch boy move.”

After Mintz and Edert exchanged a few words, Edert took a slap in the face from Mintz. Edert immediately returned fire, slapping the guy across the face from behind, and then proceeded to take off in the other direction, immediately regretting his decision and knowing he was about to get his ass whooped.

Syracuse’s John Bol Ajak saw the slap, and took off straight for Edert.

The incident occurred at the 7:35 mark in the first half with Bryant leading 25-17 at the JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse.

After video review, both Mintz and Edert were ejected from the game.

I mean, c’mon. Even if he hit you first, stand there and take it like a man. You can’t slap a man from behind and then run away… March Madness legend or not.

Check it out:

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