The Cast of ‘Yellowstone’ Takes A Stab At How Well They Know Each Other Off Set

Yellowstone Kevin Costner

Now, I’m not sure about y’all, but I have a hard time seeing the actors of Yellowstone outside of the show. They all lean into the characters so thoroughly on the show we sometimes forget that they are just playing a character.

Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Kelsey Asbille, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham got together to see how well they know each other outside of the set for The Vanity Fair Game Show.

After five years of shooting together, you’d think they are pretty familiar with each other’s lives now.

Cole Hauser is up first, and you can see from how they interact with each other that they all enjoy hanging out outside of the set.

Did you know that Hauser was a professional soccer player before becoming an actor?

Or that Wes Bentley was in The Hunger Games?

As Bentley asks the group about his character in that movie, he hilariously adds:

“Yeah, I knew that would stump you guys. I don’t watch your movies either.” 

You also see how competitive Luke Grimes is, wanting to prove that he knows his castmates the best.

Hauser sarcastically says as the game wraps up with Grimes as the winner:

“I feel like I knew everybody better before this game. I feel like I haven’t learned anything.” 

Bentley adds:

“I feel like I learned a lot. I feel like I’ve been locked alone in my house for too long.” 

The lighthearted video is a great watch. It’s nice to see all the cast outside of character and learn a little more about the pre-shooting rituals and random fun facts.

Also refreshing to see Wes Bentley and not hating him as Jamie.

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