Watch This Man’s Soul Leave His Body After His Wife Says She Signed Them Up For The Turkey Trot

turkey trot husband

Not gonna lie, I think my two biggest fears in life are marrying into a family that runs a 5K Turkey Trot at the ass crack of dawn on Thanksgiving morning, and then proceeding to flip on the dog show instead of football once lunch time rolls around.

Sounds like a nightmare, right?

But needless to say, my heart hurts for this poor soul whose love of his life just so happens to be the type of woman who runs three miles for fun.

In this video, you see this guy’s wife walk into the room, and tells him that she signed them up for the local Turkey Trot…

And his response is priceless.

In the most respectful way possible without getting sent to the doghouse for the night, he responds:

“No. You can do it. When’s the last time you’ve seen me run?… No way. Do you feel guilty what you’re gonna eat tomorrow? Well it’s probably gonna be freezing, you know where we live?

There’s no way, I’m not doing it. You do it. I’ll cheer you at the finish line.”

I mean my God, my guy is fighting for his life the second his wife says the words, “Turkey Trot.”

Talk about an absolute classic:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock