Mule Deer Fights For Its Life Against A Pair Of Coyotes

Mule deer

Sometimes predators make me mad.

I get it, they need to eat. But, can’t they just leave the deer for us?

I know, it sounds selfish. These animals have a much harder go of it than we do as people. They don’t have the access to food and basic needs like we do.

But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Coyotes are a very common deer killer in areas they reside. Many people don’t even target them these days due to the low cost of fur at market and in most areas they have no natural predators.

This can create high populations with little to no incentive for people to help manage the populations.

For any deer lover, this is a huge problem.

It’s easy to be mad about a coyote taking out a buck. That’s a buck that someone could have harvested for them and their family.

Sometimes its easy to minimize them taking out a doe and think it wasn’t a deer we could have gotten anyways. But, that doe has the potential to birth many bucks and does contributing heavily to the population in the area.

Needless to say, lets get out there and chase these dogs in the off season.

These two coyotes are seen full on attacking a mule deer. She kicks and fights for all she’s worth.

As each coyote attacks she turns and gives them the boot.

But, eventually she starts to tire out and they are able to start getting better bites in.

The video ends with both coyotes attached to her and we can all guess the ending of this interactions.

A very cool and natural thing to witness.

But, it still gets the gears grindin’ nonetheless.

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