Man And Bear Scare The Crap Out Of Each Other Coming Around A Corner

Bear corner


There is just something hilarious about animals being scared and people being scared by animals. I think it may be the fact that it is just a natural thing for wildlife and people to have a healthy respect for one another.

Black bears average around 100-250 pounds depending on gender and location. Obviously, they can get much larger than that but typically are not.

Given those facts, its actually recommended in bear aware that you straight up square up with a black bear if one attacks you. Given their size similarity on average, along with our intelligence, it gives us a good shot at scaring them off.

Fight a bear? Yeah, that sounds insane but it is actually true.

That doesn’t mean a black bear won’t scare the shit out of you and get your heart racing on any close encounter.

A black bear encounter will still wake you up more than any morning coffee, regardless of how many times you’ve been around them.

This man learned that and he learned that quick.

As he walked out of his house sipping on his morning coffee, he had no idea what was waiting around the corner.

But, as this young black bear walked along, probably searching for a garbage can, neither did he.

The pair meet at the corner of the house, face-to-face. The equally scare the crap out of each other both jumping and running in the opposite direction.

What a laugh a person would get watching this happen to their neighbor.

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