Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Rip, Beth & The Bunkhouse Crew Channel Their Inner ‘Road House’

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This past Sunday, Yellowstone wrapped up episode three for season five, so you already know what that means…

Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards have a lot to unpack in the latest edition of Yellowstone “Stories from the Bunkhouse.”

To kick things off, Jefferson White hilariously admits which character from Yellowstone he would want to fist fight, and it would be Carter from season four, and not season five after his drastic growth spurt in between seasons.

They then transition to law enforcement showing up to the ranch to confront Rip about the wolf collars that they discovered in the river, the same collars that the ranch hands threw out after they accidentally killed the wolves that were wearing the devices for tracking and research purposes.

Bohen weighed in on the repercussions that could stem from this move:

“It’s sort of a high crime to kill a wolf, really, unless you have a tag or permit because the population is heavily regulated, but they’re also a nuisance. You know, they kill livestock… But the laws are really strict.

If it’s done on the Governor’s land, it’s him throwing it in the face of the law. It’s just, it’s a betrayal of his office. It’s horrific, if he allowed that to happen, that’s what the, you know, his enemies are going to make him look like.”

They then transition to Jamie’s first official encounter with Market Equities counselor Sarah Atwood, and how Jamie was almost put under the spell of Sarah’s manipulation.

White discussed the encounter:

“So few people have tried to use love and charm and affection to manipulate Jamie. So it does seem like when Sarah comes in and uses a different tactic to get close to him, it’s very effective.”

Richards adds:

“I think that he wanted, he wants to buy into it. He understands that this is a manipulation tactic, but I also think that in his own mind, maybe they’ll go so far down this road that she may actually feel something for him as well, and I think that’s where the trap is ultimately gonna be laid.”

On the other hand, Bohen disagrees:

“I completely disagree, he has no idea. In that moment, as soon as it’s in front of you, something switches off and it’s like, oh man. I’m it. And despite all the audience going, don’t do this, he thinks ‘I’m it.'”

Next, they discuss the wild bar scene where they go to a bar in Bozeman, where Ryan’s new flame, Abby (Lainey Wilson), is playing a show.

The three then play a hilarious game of what cowboys do and don’t do, pointing back to the part in episode three where Rip says “cowboys don’t go to bars.”

From leaving the cowboy hat on the bed, to fighting on the ranch, waiting to ride, and more.

Then, they discuss the fight at the bar, where the girl who was flirting with Rip tries to approach Beth, and Beth ultimately smacks a beer upside her head.

Bohen recalls getting ready for filming:

“We find out that the fight is going to be at a bar in Missoula, so we drive up the day before and I went to the bar before the crew got it ’cause I wanted to see it. It’s amazing when you see it on the show, it’s just like that.”

Bohen also hilariously compared the fight to a Road House style fight:

“It was bordering on a ‘Road House’ style fight, it was a melee. It was like a Spartan battle, you had to dodge stuff.”

Check it out:

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