Chargers Fan Gets Thrown Off A Bridge At SoFi Stadium During Postgame Brawl

So Fi Stadium

This could’ve been really, REALLY bad.

Stadium fights are incredibly common, and we see one just about every Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night when NFL games are going on.

Of course, when you’re mixing alcohol, die hard fans who just got their feelings hurt after their team lost, and stupidity, it can turn into some bad news.

That’s exactly what appeared to happen in Sunday night’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The game was incredibly back and forth, and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs did the unthinkable by driving down the field with almost no time left on the clock, and scoring a touchdown to win 30-27 in heartbreaking fashion for the Chargers.

It appears the emotions got the best of these Chargers fans.

In this video, you can see some Chargers fans appear to turn on each other outside of the stadium.

Some punches are thrown, and next thing you know one is thrown over a ledge, and falls down a steep drop to a nearby staircase.

Needless to say, from video footage it looks like the dude fell a pretty good ways, enough to seriously injure somebody.

However, the guy was responsive and immediately tried to get back up on his feet before the camera shut off.

There’s no word on the guy’s injuries, but it didn’t look too pretty.

This also isn’t the first fight at SoFi Stadium this year. We’ve seen A LOT of them, and two people were just brutally beaten there following an Elton John concert.

Get it together Los Angeles…

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