Ohio Second Grader Creates Incredible Joe Diffie-Inspired “Disguise The Turkey” Thanksgiving Art Project

Zane Shawver Joe Diffie artwork
Courtesy of Katie Shawver

Paintin’ over it might not have been able to hide Billy Bob’s love for Charlene. But hiding a turkey in a Joe Diffie-themed masterpiece is a pretty dang good disguise.

Katie Shawver, a mother from Ohio, took to Facebook recently to show off her second grade son Zane’s “disguise the turkey” artwork that was inspired by his favorite artist, the Pickup Man himself, Joe Diffie.

And it’s…incredible.

The Joe Diffie-inspired turkey, clad in a pearl-snap shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, is hidden behind (of course) a mullet and a guitar, while also disguising himself amongst the water tower that Billy Bob painted in “John Deere Green” and the jukebox that Diffie requested to be propped up beside when he died.

And of course there’s a pickup truck hauling Diffie’s greatest hits album (because even a turkey wouldn’t be caught hauling a Barbie doll bed for the girl next door).

Courtesy of Katie Shawver

Says Katie on Zane’s masterpiece:

“It was for a school project to disguise the turkey so he doesn’t get eaten.

Zane’s favorite country singer is Joe Diffie. He came home right away and told me he knew exactly how he was going to disguise him and said he was going to make him Joe Diffie.”

Great work, Zane. And good job to the parents too, raising their kid up right on good country music.

Something tells me nobody’s going to be able to recognize that turkey to serve at their Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Not with that Honky Tonk Attitude.

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