New England Dad With Mullet Blows A Gasket When Daughter Asks How To Microwave A Turkey

Dad Thanksgiving turkey

I’m sure just about all of us have witnessed some Thanksgiving cooking fails in our day.

From the turkey being too dry, powdery gravy, and hell, you may have even witnessed a family member nearly burn the house down keeping the turkey in the oven for too long.

Needless to say, with as much food as there is on the table on Thanksgiving Day, the chances of at least one thing not coming out right are very high.

Nevertheless, there still may be some frustration arise between family members when one of the dishes isn’t done exactly right.

However, I highly doubt you’ll see anybody as pissed off as this guy on Thanksgiving Day…

Here we have a dude rocking the ultimate dad attire, from the mullet, the blue sweats, and the grasscutter elite series Nike Air Monarch gym shoes, absolutely losing his mind when his daughter calls with a classic Thanksgiving prank.

It goes a little something like this:

“Dad, how do I cook a turkey in the microwave”

Commence dad losing his mind.

That thick New England accent is just incredible, and to top it all off, you have his vocal chords straining from the years of Newport smoke frying them. Screaming with that nasally Ray Romano voice about how you “thawer” it out and seasoning “tree-poun chicken”… this video is legitimately one of my top five favorite things about Thanksgiving.

I mean sheesh, this is what Turkey day is all about, right? Stuffing your face with food and getting into some heated argument with a relative who only shows up when free food is on the table.

Ya gotta love it.

The best part, though:

“I’m cawllin’ Frankie, we’re deep fryin’ the fuckin’ turkey and that’s how it’s gonna be. PERIOD.”

I gotta know… who’s Frankie?

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