Muscadine Bloodline To Release Fan Favorite “Made Her That Way” Next Week

Muscadine bloodline

The stream of new music from Muscadine Bloodline continues…

The boys have been on an absolute tear recently, putting out a slew of killer swaggy, southern songs that are showing the fans a whole new layer of the Alabama natives.

The next on their list is one they semi-released a while back titled “Made Her That Way,” which is coming our way on December 2nd.

This was one of the songs they put out as part of their Quarantine Worktapes, which they released during the shit-storm of the pandemic.

Many fans latched onto this one, and in two weeks, they’ll have a full version to play to their hearts content.

It’s easy to see why this one connects, just check out the writing in this first verse…

“Cussin’ more than my name in the bathroom mirror
Wore down to nothin’, her mama always told her
We would never be somethin’
We’re youngin’s, too young for lovin’
Left her more than lonely this time…”

Damn good stuff.

Charlie also teased a clip of the song on Instagram about a week ago.

And here’s the Quarantine Worktapes version, if you’re so interested.

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