Guy Immediately Regrets Running On Stage At Black Crowes Concert When He Takes A Guitar To The Neck

Black Crowes

We’ve seen fans try to crash the stage during a concert several times, and 99.9% of them end pretty terribly.

Typically, security just rans on stage and tackles the culprit, but rarely do we see the stage crasher nearly get sent to the afterlife…


But that’s exactly what happened at a recent Black Crowes concert.

According to TMZ, the wild event occurred in Melbourne, Australia, as the band began playing their song, “Stare It Cold.”

However, one fan either wasn’t a fan of them playing the song, or he had way too much liquid courage, because he jumped on stage from the front row and charged right for lead singer Chris Robinson, with security chasing right behind him.

As morons do, the stage crasher then tried to fight the security, and that’s when lead guitarist Rich Robinson went psycho billy ninja on the guy…

And by psycho billy ninja, I mean took his guitar and smacked the guy in the neck with it.

Although the Robinson brothers have had their fair share of differences over the years, they united to whoop the crasher’s ass, as Chris began to beat him with his mic stand.

The guy then fell back in the crowd, obviously immediately regretting his decision.

Sure enough, the band went right back to playing “Stare It Cold.”

Man, I think I would’ve paid some good money to see this ass whoopin’ occur in person.

Check it out:

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