Elk Tries To Jump Over A Fence… Fails Miserably


Jump a little higher than you thought, eh?

Elk can be some of the most majestic creatures you’ll ever see, and me coming from the southeast, it is truly hard to fathom a casual encounter with one of these creatures out in public, just like a normal doe or small buck here.

Seriously, it’s hard to even imagine that creatures like this exist in the same country I live in.

So, needless to say, every time I see videos of elk doing something wild, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Of course, those videos typically consist of some moron at a national park, or out in a residential area approaching an elk and getting way too close for comfort, and end up nearly getting their shit rocked.

With that being said, in this specific video, the elk just did it to himself.

In this footage, you can see somebody filming a massive bull elk prancing across a field. However, there’s a fence that gets in the way of the elk’s route…

He tries to jump the fence like a sprinter jumping over a hurdle, but doesn’t quite make it, and the fence lowkey whooped the elk’s ass.

The bull gets right back up and tried to play it off like nothing happened, but unfortunately for him, it was caught all on film.

You can even hear the woman videoing say:

“He’s really embarrassed.”

Luckily enough, it appears that the elk didn’t get hurt, but my guy is gonna have to work on his high jump.

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