Caleb Lee Hutchinson Goes Full Slasher In Bloody ‘Songs I’ll Never Play Again’ Short Film

Caleb Lee Hutchinson country music

So, I know that Halloween is technically over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to talk about all things spooky and creepy.

And this Caleb Lee Hutchinson EP was released right in time for Halloween, so it works.

For those of you that don’t recognize the name, Hutchinson was the runner-up on the sixteenth season of American Idol. It was a pretty great season with other great contestants like Maddie Poppe (who won), Cade Foehner, and, probably the most well-known, Gabby Barrett.

Hutchinson has this really deep and classic country voice. Since his Idol win, he’s put out a smattering of music, including 3 EPs.

The most recent EP is Songs I’ll Never Play Again, and it has 6 songs, which when paired with the short film of the same title create an eerie murder ballad, horror film vibe.

None of the songs on the EP are actual murder ballads (one of my only complaints), but instead go through a variety of emotions that Hutchinson translates into his character’s emotions and actions in this short film.

The film itself is a classic slasher/revenge plot with the main character’s girlfriend/wife giving him crap for something as “Devil Woman” plays in the background.

She goes to bed angry and upset, and we see in the doorway the silhouette of a figure with a knife, ready to stab someone.

But the shadow disappears as Hutchinson walks in with a guitar to sing the next, more mournful song. Soon though, a knock on the door causes him to get out of bed and investigate, leaving the woman to get stabbed to death.

That’s not all, though, there’s a full little plot twist that reveals Hutchinson was the one who stabbed and killed her.

What’s wild is that not every song on this EP sounds slow and melancholic, and you can hear a lot bluegrass influences.

“Preservation” is arguably the most upbeat sounding song, and it plays as Hutchinson drags away the body and begins to cut it into pieces in order to dispose of it.

Like, I said… wild.

But it’s a great time, and Hutchinson’s voice and acting skills are honestly pretty stellar. I highly suggest that you go and watch the short film and check out this new EP.

Beware, though, because the film definitely doesn’t skimp on the blood.

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